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List of issues > Series «Earth Sciences». 2016. Vol. 17

The Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Mineral Waters of Shumak and Choigan

L. A. Mineeva, K. D. Arakchaa, O. M. Kyzyl

Healing mineral waters are natural waters, which contain mineral substances, various gases that have unique properties, so it has balneal effect on the human body, this is its’ contrast to the usual fresh water.

Mineral waters are the natural underground waters, its form in the earth's crust with a particular geological structure, hydrogeological and climatic conditions, which determine the regularities of its’ distribution.
Mineral springs are medicinal waters, which according to its’ characteristics and chemical composition correspond to the Russian Federation standards for the therapeutic mineral waters.
The vast territory of Siberia has huge reserves of mineral underground water, almost all are well-known in the world types: nitrogen and methane thermal and cold waters, carbonate thermal and cold ones, glandular ones, iodine-bromine and radon ones, waters with a high content of dissolved organic substances, brines with a salt concentration from 50 to 500 g/dm3.
The Baikal region and Tuva Republic has large reserves of therapeutic mineral waters, due to the fact that the study of mineral waters in the fields is long enough and already there are a lot of materials. In order to intelligently apply the knowledge and information we collect in the course of their study.
We used the results of the research expedition of the Scientific Research Institute of medical and social problems and management of the Tuva Republic (the authors were members of the expeditions) and laboratory hydrochemical analyses in the regional interuniversity laboratory of ISU ecological researches. The expeditions were carried out in the summers of 2014 and 2015 in Todzhinsky region of Tuva Republic on the field of mineral waters Tchoiganskoe, which contains over 30 mineral springs.
mineral water, macro- and microcomponent composition, nutrients, organic matter, Eastern Sayan
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