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List of issues > Series «Earth Sciences». 2016. Vol. 18

Peculiarities of the Srednebotuobinsk Oil-and-Gas Deposit Geological Structure

N. I. Akulov, R. R. Valeev
Precambrian oil-and-gas field was discovered within the south-eastern Siberian platform. This raises a number of questions and, first of all, the problem of its formation conditions. Performed studies suggest the following: 1) within the Srednebotuobinsk deposit the bilirskay formation together with nizhnebuksinskaya subformation contain the major part of productive deposits 2) the Botuobinsk reservoir is a part of complex system of the bar sandy body formed in the near-shore zone of the broad intraplate water body which is now a true oil reservoir 3) sandstones of the Botuobinsk reservoir due to their weak cementation show good collecting properties that promoted a free circulation of productive fluids within the bar body and formation of oil-and-gas traps. When correlating stratigraphic subdivision within oil-and-gas deposit it is necessary to use the following markers: kaolin residual soil bed and its redeposited products occurred in the base of kursovskaya formation bed of argillites in the top of kursovskaya formation containing the first definable paleontological remains in the form of microfossils complex of sandstones with weak degree of cementation which were formed under littoral conditions of the ancient sandbar complex of terrigenous-carbonate sediments in the verkhnebuksinskaya subformation and its analogs bed of silicificated dolomites in the bottom of danilovskaya formation and its stratigraphic analogs. The authors performed correlation diagram the most productive ones-botuobinskij oil-gas-bearing bed introduced sandstone with occasional streaks of mudstone. It is established that the Botuobinsk sandy bar was formed not due to the sea transgression, as was previously expected, but owing to its regression.
oil, gas, Siberian platform, vendian, correlation, Srednebotuobinsk deposit, Botuobinsk oil-gas-bearing bed

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