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List of issues > Series «Earth Sciences». 2017. Vol. 22

Technological Research on Processing of Mature and Fresh Tailings of GMF Vysochaishy (Irkutsk Region, Bodaibo)

S. A. Prokopiev, D. P. Gladkochub, M. E. Shulgina, E. S. Prokopiev
The rising number of technogenic mineral deposits in recent decades is a result of the intensive development of the mining and processing industry. Increasing extraction of gold caused by the growing demand on this precious metal coupled with a drastic reduction of the reserves of easily recoverable gold from ores on the one hand and, as a consequence, a lowering of the industrial standards, on the other hand, have been driving forces to investigate the enrichment of technogenic mineral resources. There is a stable tendency at present to include gravity concentration into processing of this type of the mineral resources. The importance of the problem and a search for new sources of gold have motivated an investigation into a potentially efficient and environmentally clean technology of additional recovery of small and fine gold from mature and fresh tailings of GMF “Vysochaishy”. This study examines a method of processing gold-bearing tailings using a unique gravity concentration equipment, known as spiral chute slime separators, highlights their design features and advantages. It underlines factors that influence the process of concentration of mineral grains, describes peculiarities of each phase (stage) of separation, as well as gives mineral composition confirming the correct choice of the enrichment equipment at the initial cycle of the gold concentration.
technogenic deposits, gold, mineral processing, spiral separation, spiral chute slime separators, mineral composition, mineral grains, gravity concentrate, GMF “Vysochaishy”, Bodaibo Irkutsk oblast
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