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List of issues > Series «Earth Sciences». 2020. Vol. 32

The Change of the Hydrological Characteristics of the Gunt River in Dependence of Meteorological Conditions

P. I. Normatov, Q. N. Odinaev, I. Sh. Normatov

The dynamics of changes in the water flow of the Gunt river for the periods 1944-1979 and 1980-2015 are analyzed and the decreasing trend of the runoff for the whole observation period (1944-2015 years) is determined. It was found that the hydrograph of the Gunt river is characterized by the presence of two maxima corresponding to June and August months of the year. It is assumed that they correspond to the contribution of melting snow cover in June and glaciers in August. The contribution of groundwater to the formation of river flow is not excluded. The trend of temperature change has the increasing character with a speed of 0.13 оС /year. For the period 1944-2015, the amount of precipitation retained average value of about 285 mm. It is found that the period 1980-2015 is opposite to the period 1944-1979 characterized by decreasing trend of precipitation. Snow cover and small-scattered glaciers of the basin now make the main contribution to the formation of the runoff of the Gunt river. Winter runoff is mainly formed by groundwaters.

About the Authors

Normatov Parviz Inomovich, Candidate of Sciences (Geography), Senior Lecturer, Tajik National University, 17, Rudaki av., Dushanbe, 734025, Tajikistan, e-mail:norparviz89@gmail.com 

Odinaev Qodirjon Nodirovich, Assistant, Tajik National University, 17, Rudaki av., Dushanbe, 734025, Tajikistan, e-mail: zar.rakhimov@mail.ru 

Normatov Inom Sherovich, Corresponding Member AS of Republic Tajikistan, Professor, Tajik National University, 17, Rudaki av., Dushanbe, 734025, Tajikistan, e-mail:inomnor@gmail.com

For citation

Normatov P.I., Odinaev Q.N., Normatov I.Sh. The Change of the Hydrological Characteristics of the Gunt River in Dependence of Meteorological Conditions. The Bulletin of Irkutsk State University. Series Earth Sciences, 2020, vol. 32, pp. 103-112. https://doi.org/10.26516/2073-3402.2020.32.103 (in Russian)

Gunt river, Pamir, tributary, Pyanj river
556.513 (571.150)

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