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List of issues > Series «Earth Sciences». 2017. Vol. 21

Meteorological Features of Climatic Zones in the Basin of the Transboundary River Pyanj

P. I. Normatov, B. A. Markaev, I. Sh. Normatov
The paper presents the results of monitoring the meteorological conditions of the Transboundary Pyanj River basin. The territory of the Pyanj River Basin is 114 000 km2 and the zone of formation of the Pyanj River is also extensive covering almost the whole territory of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast of the Republic of Tajikistan. From the four climatic zones of Tajikistan three of them are characteristic to GBAO and, respectively, to the formation zones of the Pyanj River. The southwestern and eastern part of the Mountain Pamir were selected for monitoring of their climatic features that was made based on the Darvaz (1279 m) and Murgab (3576 m) meteorological stations data. It was found that the trend of temperature change for the period 1944–2014 regardless of the altitude of the terrain a. s. l and the climatic zone has an increasing character.
In turn, the period 1944–2014 for the southwestern and eastern parts of GBAO are characterized by a decreasing atmospheric precipitation trends. The peculiarity of monthly precipitation distributions in the two climatic zones of the Pyanj river basin is that if the periods with the maximum precipitation in the southwestern part (Darvaz) correspond to February-May months in the eastern climatic zone is November-January. Analyzing the dynamics of snow cover accumulation according to Darvaz weather stations data for the period 1997–2013 it was found an increase of snow cover height despite the long-term decreasing trend of atmospheric precipitation in the southwestern part of the Pyanj river basin.
Transboundary River, Pyanj, Pamir, trend, snow cover, precipitation, temperature

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