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Environmental Mercury Contamination in Post-Explitation Period (Novo-Ursk Gold Deposit, Kemerovo Region)

M. A. Gustaytis, I. N. Myagkaya, B. L. Scherbov, E. V. Lazareva
New Ursk copper-zinc sulphide ores deposits were mined since 1930. Those obgects are characterized by high mercury content (pyrite ores – 100 µkg/g, oxidation zone – 20–30 µkg/g). The waste is not fixed during the entire period of the tailing’s existence it is routinely diluted by rainwater and flood water. The ravine’s swampy territory below the tailings down to the Ur river is covered with the derived waste matter the area’s vegetation has been destroyed due to the acid mine drainage influence. The location of the tailing pit between the residential quarters of the village poses an important problem of the element’s expansion and transformation in trophic chains: water – bottom sediments – fish, soil – mushrooms, etc. Distribution patterns of mercury speciation were studied in natural and tehnogenic systems with high element levels. High mercury content was founded in well waters, fish, plants and mushrooms near the Ursk tailings. To determine mercury speciation the method of thermal analysis with atomic absorption spectrometry as detector was applied. A Lumex RA-915+ mercury analyzer (St. Petersburg, Russia) equipped with pyrolytic attachment RP-91C was used. Distribution patterns of mercury speciation were studied in natural and tehnogenic systems with high element levels. High mercury content was founded in well waters, fish, plants and mushrooms near the Ursk tailings.
environmental pollution, species of mercury, tailings

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