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List of issues > Series «Earth Sciences». 2016. Vol. 15

The Organization of Scientific Tourism on the Scientific-Educational Ground «Sarma» in Cis-Olkhon Region

D. I. Maryshkin

The article discusses questions of the development of scientific tourism and the ways of its realization on the territory of the scientific-educational ground «Sarma», which is situated on the west coast of Lake Baikal. The author gives a definition of the term «scientific tourism», explains its connection with other types. This article shows development opportunities and practical using of this kind of tourism on the scientific-educational ground «Sarma». The methodological basis of scientific tourism is learning process and expanding horizons of tourists and tour groups during scientific activities, as well as teaching students basis of scientific tourism. The paper offers a scheme of development of scientific tourism and the location of scientific objects on the territory with certain properties. The method is tested on the scientific-educational ground «Sarma». Moreover, the article has the scheme reflecting scientific tourism’s structure. It contains main components of this type of tourism, such as target audience, form of knowledge presentation, time, features, principles, location, resources and types of scientific tourism. The preconditions of development of scientific tourism on the scientific-educational ground «Sarma» are also determined. They include legal status of the territory, natural conditions, socio-economic factors, historical and cultural and tourist and recreational resources. The article marks some kinds of perspective directions of scientific tourism on the «Sarma» using systematic approach. The following research areas are proposed: landscape, geological and geomorphological, hydrological, geobotanical, soil-geochemical, meteorological, zoogeographic, archaeological, historical, socio-economic and tourist-recreational. There are characteristics of all these types in the article. The author also has made the table which characterizes the results of completed work for each of scientific directions on the territory of «Sarma». The article presents the map of the training ground with its micropolygons – ecological paths and areas for observation. The results of researching can be used in students’ trainings and in realization of different programs of scientific tourism on the territory of «Sarma» as well as on the other scientific stations, national parks, reserves and etc. The scientific-educational ground «Sarma» is the example of special platform equipped for organization regulated environmentally oriented sustainable tourism.

scientific tourism, directions of scientific tourism, scientific-educational tourist-recreational ground «Sarma», scientific station, planning organization of the territory
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